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You have worked hard to build up your assets; don’t let them be eroded by high charges and or investment losses. Get your assets working  harder for lower costs, with Direct Investment’s range of secure investment options.
Many cautious investors have money sitting in a bank account  earning low rates of interest. They are concerned about potential loss of some of their capital due to the phenosafranine settlement very high level of uncertainty surrounding the banking system. Direct Investments can offer low cost secure investment options which can offer more upside than bank deposits. Please consider the following;Our products are covered by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme. This scheme covers single accounts for €100k or joint accounts for €200k. This guarantee scheme is established under preparliamentary settlement an E.U. Directive which applies across the E.U.There is no end date for this guarantee scheme and our view is that any liability would be an E.U. liability. This gives us great confidence in the security of this guaranteeTherefore if you invest in our products across 4 different capital guarantee providers, for joint account holders the guarantee will fully cover €800,000As you will have seen our indecl settlement products are low cost and offer a range of different investment strategiesWe fully recognise and support the value that independent fee based advice can provide. Therefore if you want to work with your current accountant or adviser and get them to advise you on a Direct Investment product to suit your needs, we will rebate a portion of the total costs to you, the client. The rebate can be in the form of an improved allocation rate, or it can be in the form of a refund. This rebate can then be used by you to subsidise whatever fee amount you canallers settlement have agreed to pay your accountant or adviser. This is subject to Direct Investments confirming that there is a bona fide advisory relationship between yourself and your accountant/adviser and them confirming receipt of your payment. You are not obliged to work via your current accountant/adviser, but this option is open to you.This option gives you full transparency on what you are paying your accountant/adviser unbanned settlement and Direct involucre settlement Investments.Over a 5 year term our total fee structure capped at 2.5% means that your investment costs are capped at 0.5% per annum. This is a genuine low cost investment option which provides flexibility and capital securityAlternatively our “advice” business  specialises in pre and post retirement investments and will be happy to provide advice on investment strategies on a fixed fee basis.
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